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MORE worldbuilding, clarification, the like.

The wire-and-tower communication came as a result of the same event that drove Emphia's people into the desert. Some sort of thing involving refugees; don't know yet. Think it had more to do with human society than sandangels/drugs, but that's just my instinct.

Voclen were originally, way way way WAY back, mountain-dwelling creatures. Groups of them migrated down (again, way way way long ago) and the first ones, I think, who really had a coherent, organized little mini-society were the ones who happened upon the plant that the drug is made from.

(it's a desert something; grows near oases)

The communication between humans and sandangels had already picked up when the Emphia things happened. Following Emphia, though not as a direct result of his actions/the Phaists, certain things started changing.

1. The Voclen tongue, Ancaien, used to be an exclusively Voclen language; they communicated with humans through a sign language, and neither race made attempts to learn the speech of the other, 'cause Voclen are egotistical bastards. However. Once the towers were built, primary modes of communication were written. This, coupled with the fact that Voclen and humans had a lot more contact, resulted in a linguistic mingling.

Nowadays, the Metaan teach language as well as keep the towers intact. They act as interpreters when needed, as well, and the sandangels generally trust them a whole lot. God-like thing.

2. Exclusivity. This could really go for the first one, too. Voclen society is really different from human society. One of their most "sacred" ceremonies involves the composition of a symphony that is only played once. The score is burned; none of the "players" see any but their own part; basically, the composer is the only one who could reproduce it (and there are those that have, but it's frowned upon). Everyone else gets to hear it once.

At least until the last festival thingy. One of Anaite's "spurring" moments was when her friend the composer (who may/may not have been Illvais) had at his symphony a small group of humans, copying the score verbatim.

She was young, and very upset by this.

3. Religion. I'm not sure on the details yet--but there'll be conflict here; there's gotta be.

I do know that Metaan are forbidden to teach religion to the children. Probably has something to do with the fact that their religion says that the sandangels were built from the sand by a Metaan. Voclen history's a bit the opposite; humans are the fortunate beneficiaries of their benevolent attention.


The current Violen is Phaist. Brya's related to him. And Phaist. Related through his father, then, probably.

Koloka's trading in sandangels because he, like the other Metaan, is dependent on avedagavel; he, however, has his own agenda. He believes in the dragon. He won't admit it, but he does. He doesn't want to be it. He wants to control it. And when he gets it, he doesn't much care about the sandangels--he feels rather the same way everyone does about them, I think--but he's going to take on his own people.

'Cause he's a fucker like that. :D

note to self: baby voclen drinking blood...?

Oh. And the drug, taken over prolonged periods of time, starts to numb your extremities; nerves die in your hands, your feet, and your *ahem* well. Withdrawal alternates periods of intense sensation and completely diminished; fevers are common, usually accompanied by delirium. :D

Elen wouldn't trade slaves.

Would Aivlen?


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