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Yeah, it's one of Those Days.

I don't know if I'm actually going to attempt rewriting it again (lololololol this is an injoke even to ME now), but one of the problems with all drafts is the lack of solid canon, SO. If I try to rewrite original version, here's some rules. And I mean rules, kk, not guidelines.

1. Elen's dead. Dead and buried. How she died, where she died, do what you want with that: but this is Original Canon and she is DEAD. Not missing. Not present-but-mysterious. Dead.

2. Vey is alive and present. I know, I know, annoying girl who gets in the way of slash, GET OVER IT. She's there, Aivlen loves her, and she saves Brya's life once or twice.

3. Brya is Elen's kid. Seriously, do all the identity nonsense in a later draft if you want; it REALLY CHANGES THINGS, and this is Original Canon.

4. Jinn's his brother. I know, speaking of people who get in the way of otpvomit. But he's Brya's brother and he's in the story, okay?

5. They are Catching Things--that is the main plot. They're trying to catch these creatures. Reasons, nature of the creatures, whatever; that tends to change like the tides; but they ARE chasing living-ish things, in order to catch them, in order to reclaim them.

If I think of more absolutes, I'll add them, but this is The List for now. :P


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