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Falling For the First Time

-anything easy has its cost-

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Another author journal for vareth_is! This one's called Possessions in my head, sometimes Possession, sometimes various things involving magic and death and gay, because it has all of those things in great abundance.

When I was fifteen years old, this story wanted to be Magebound; or at least that's the excuse I give when people ask why I spent $12 on that book and giggled hysterically while reading it. Unfortunately, my main character really likes Plot, so I never got to write that book, and instead have been working on this monstrosity for eight years.

Hear that, Brya? YOU are the reason you will never get laid.


Interests (30):

atheism, breaking bonds, calculus, deserts, dragons, dreams, familial love, flying, glass, ice, illdaishen, insanity, irritable northerners, land magic, logic, mood-altering drugs, networks, platonic love, possession, pottery, pulleys, ritual suicide, sailing, sandangels, scars, spirits, strings, succeeding, swimming, wheels
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