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much to my DELIGHT. :D

theme: the world will never return
characters: bryashi~ because i wrote vey yesterday, and that means i get to reward myself.

Until it all went silent, Brya never realized how much of the noise he heard each day was the noise of the dead. To walk along a city street without voices ringing in his ears...strange. To visit a grave, which was only a grave--stranger.

But strangest of all was the river.

Perched in a sloop skimming down the Sorethain, Brya watched the churning water, listened to the ripples. Water never sounded so crisp, before; it'd always had a hundred other sounds blurring it, moving it. Hums and singing. Whispers. Cries.

If he put his fingers in the water, nothing would grab them and pull.

Even if it did, even if he drowned, he wouldn't stay in the river, glued to his bones. He'd go to that place all the dead things had gone. He'd spin from this world forever.

The water was cold. It clung to his sleeve. But it was only water, and it only ever would be water, because anything that could've made it more was locked, now, in that place that Brya could not reach.

Better that way? Worse?

He flicked water from his fingers. It flashed in the sun, and he closed his eyes, and listened to the sounds that he'd never heard before.
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