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There's something disturbing about discovering you could make five separate stories out of two. o_O

And the worst thing is when you realize that it might work better that way.

Desperately needing development are the Shi siblings, Brya included but mostly Jinn, Levia, and Titani, and I'm afraid they won't get near enough screentime in Possessions--not to mention I've already decided to restrict my POV characters to Brya, Aivlen, and Veylital. This narrows the focus of that story quite a bit, especially considering the type of story Sequel Fodder is liable to be.

I mean, do more personal stories ever successfully branch out into semi-epic fantasy? It seems like the focus of Possessions is so much more narrow, whereas Sequel Fodder pretty much DEMANDS that we get into as many heads as possible. Sure, BA&V will be important (at least B&A, since V is such a spineless wimp now), but we also NEED to know what Jinn, Titani, Levia, Cleta, Athellin, Delikar, Ferabyn probably, possibly Faolan too, are doing and thinking and such. It won't work without exploring all of them; it just won't.

Possessions, though, really suffers with that sort of mindset. At least I think so. It seems to. I don't know. o_O I'm actually considering just ditching the "spirits" idea and using Possessions as an honest-to-God prequel, but the problem with THAT is that BA&V become so much LESS important and I'll have to flit around through a bunch of different heads, since BA&V are all in one place and most everyone else is NOT with them except at certain times.

...Also there is my inherent OTP!shipper screaming that I cannot CANNOT give B&A less screentime if I want to have the least possible chance of them starting to get along or heaven forbid LIKING each other.

Yeah, it is disgusting when your discussion of your original fiction starts to read like a rant about fanfic.

...At any rate I have a paper to write that has nothing to do with this, so I need to stop now.

(would it be better if levia and jinn and tani got their own stories, too? would that make it more even? do they even HAVE enough material to fill a whole story? jinn maybe, tani perhaps though hers shouldn't end until around sequel fodder, i don't know, but LEVIA definitely...well, his story would read more like a datebook--"girl a, sunday; girl g, monday; repeat performance with girl a then girl c, tuesday"...'cause he's SHALLOW and doesn't do much but wallow in everyone else's shadow. grrr.)

Date: 2004-09-28 09:50 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
*flyingtackles you*
You're doing NaNo this year, you're doing NaNo this year *dances*
Most exxhcellent.
And here I was afraid I'd be all by my lonesome. ^-^
Now I have someone in the same ship to sporfle and whine at when things go horribly, horribly arwy.
Off to research the average monthly temperatures of assorted Colorado cities.

Date: 2004-10-02 10:43 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I have been found! ^_^ Of course I'm doing NaNo. Are you crazy? I'd never finish anything if not for the yearly hysterics of November deadlines.

Also, I semi-convinced [ profile] tehkiwidelight to do it, and [ profile] volwrath mentioned she might be interested, too. Heck, if we poke her enough we might even get the SHERPA onboard! *marvels at the possibility*

Anyway I'll be whining at you too. I hate this story. You know that. I will hate it more a month from now. Oh, the pain and the possibilities... >_


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