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okay so

here we have illdaishen :D

and here is our explanation of!

So first there were these sandangels--nomadic, nocturnal, winged, and rather fragile. They have an annual mating season and they hunt using mostly bows and arrows, because they'll get killed in any sort of combat (hollow bones). So they mostly eat vegetation BUT

[pause. aivlen-dude. holycrap. :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD]

mostly eat vegetation but they hunt, too. Anyway.

So they find the pitiful little coast-crawling humans that are scared and angry and violent and they're like hay try this drug thing (they use this drug to keep them "sane" during mating periods :D 'cause otherwise they're like totally not functional. but since it's incredibly addictive there's, like, religious rules about only taking it a bit. they like teh sex anyway).

Humans try drug. Humans find out they can manipulate the land while under the influence of said drug. Humans have a much happier existance. :D

They're like hay give us summore drug! and the sandangels are like fine will you get food for us? :D

And a happy alliance is formed. Humans kill meat for the sandangels, the sandangels get the humans high, humans can then manipulate the land and they do, like, that agriculture thing, with much more success. This is the same time that sandangels start viewing killing of ANYTHING as a taboo, rather than just a dangerous idea.

Humans also start up with this "creation myth" which attributes the existance of sandangels to a Metaan, who later becomes a god-like (or at least saint-like) figure in mythology. Sandangels don't like this but they figure hey, stupid humans--it's also debatable how much attention they actually pay to the creation myths of humans, 'cause they're proud motherfuckers and they really would rather not sully themselves with the affairs of lesser mortals. :D

So this drug comes from the desert, right.

So the humans (who btw somewhere along the line went up into the mountains and developed those rope-and-pulley communication things) decide to start settling the desert.

Sandangels are like wut. All right. Okay. And they sorta move there because the humans are like "hay we'll pay you!" and they're like "ancestral land wut" and also they (initially) like the idea of permanent housing. :D

And it really seems all right. The sandangels are hired to maintain the communication lines, and supply the drug, and the humans pay them lavishly and keep them in one place. :D Keep in mind also sandangels are now totally against the killing thing.


Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, someone let the humans know how to make the drug. Or the humans figured it out. Maybe in that mountain trip. So they no longer need the sandangels quite so much--but the sandangels are pretty, they aren't dangerous, and they're obedient. So, fine. They still provide the raw materials for this drug anyway so...

Well, then, Emphia shows up.

Emphia (known later as a saint) discovers that one can perform land-magic without the drug. This is about 150 years prior to storytime. He basically founds the Phaist sect--a radical group of Metaan who swear off the drug, and who also (sorta by necessity) live calmer lives--they're celibate and they...well, let's say they wouldn't be the life of any party.

Phaists can also do some seriously weird shit, which isn't entirely documented, but will definitely, DEFINITELY come into play, 'cause I'm a whore for shapeshifters.

By this point, sandangels are almost entirely in the desert. They are dependent on the human transportation--and therefore their maintenance of it--for food, water, etc. Also they're treated very nicely on their own land, so there's really not a huge incentive for them to leave.

Except they're being traded as slaves by the Metaan. :D Who are discovering new ways of creating that means that they might actually BE able to make a sandangel pretty damn soon.


Anaite wants her people to kill again. That's the first thing the humans took from them.

Lisuce wants to keep things the way they are--they aren't treated badly. They're protected. They're even "worshipped," she says. Why rock the net?

Caillis wants to raise the dragon. He wants the humans gone, and he doesn't much care how he has to do it.

Koloka wants to cripple the sandangels--that's his job. So that even if Anaite and Caillis managed to get their ways, it wouldn't matter. He doesn't believe in the dragon. That silly bitch. :D

Illvais wants to write a pretty song. :D

Aivlen wants to get the hell out. :D

Veylital wants to be younger and in control again. :D

And Brya's just trying to do his job.

...dear Lord, this is going to be so, so, SO much fun. <333333
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