Mar. 25th, 2005 12:58 am
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...Because it's late at night and I have slash in my blood.

And hell. I don't know. I miss them. I miss them a lot, and I'm sick of trying to write the Snarky One, so. *pout*


It started out with a candleflame. He'd later deny that; well, jealousy and anger, happened to the best, and pitching candles until they guttered was a nice alternative to kicking his brother in the face. But it started with the candle, just this candle, white and dripping in its stand, on the floor across the room from Brya.

And a question, maybe--started with a question, too. Lots of things did. Made sense.

"...All right," Aivlen said, slowly, from the doorway. "I'll ask. What in the world are you doing?"

Brya, who had been unaware he was doing anything besides watching a candle burn, turned to Aivlen and said immediately, "Magic. Mother said it helps your mind pinpoint things, teaches it, you know--trying to see the wick through the flame. Exercise I guess."

Aivlen stared right back at him--the look of Brya's uncle, of a few skeptical friends. Someone knowing the lie was there but unable to pinpoint it. Maybe. His mouth quirked, not quite a smile, and he lowered his wings, moved through the door. Brya shifted backwards and sideways, folding his arms around his knees.

"Vey says Elin's looking for you."

"Well. She'll find me then, I guess." He shrugged. "I thought you weren't her servant."

Aivlen's eyes flashed. What smile had been was gone. "I'm not. And you--"

He cut himself off with a disgusted groan and pivoted, throwing a hand into the air. Brya was about to reply, but Aivlen beat him to it.

"If you're going to lie. Convincingly. All about sustaining it." He paused and flicked his wings, just once, perhaps unaware that both of Brya's hands had dropped to the ground. "You can't say one thing and then agree to something contradictory. Idiot."

Brya had to think about it, and it took him a second, and Aivlen gave him that second--a favor, or a challenge? He almost smiled. Familiar territory. "So why are you here, then?"

The sandangel walked to the doorway, curling one of those wicked black gloves around the frame.

"Wanted to watch a candle burn."

This time he didn't get the second he needed. Aivlen swung into the hall in some dramatic fit, and Brya found, when he turned back to the candle, the flame had gone out. He crawled forward to relight it, then caught himself mid-motion, sitting up, then standing.

Clouds, he decided, looking towards the hall where Aivlen had disappeared. Clouds might be better to watch, today.


...Brya. My love for you is at this point in time absolutely huge and unconditional. Like, you know, a truck. Berserker. <3
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