Jan. 19th, 2005

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I still have some serious questions to answer in order to work the whole thing out.

Most of these, naturally, are Tokal-related. You let a dragon into an otherwise not-too-cliche fantasy world, and all hell breaks loose. >_< In a BAD way.

There's the marriage question, too. Why Delikar, socially inept emotionally stunted scared devoted religious perfectionist Delikar would EVER marry a woman like Maei...is entirely beyond me. Chalk it up to physical attraction. Lust. A love of the unknown. But while he IS naive, and while he IS emotional, he's also very good at fitting himself into the shape that others want him to be.

Why, then? Why Elin Maei?

And if he never actually trusts her, which might well be the case, why does he leave the manor in HER name? And why does he have four children with her, as opposed to just Jinn (who's the only decent one anyway) and Levia (who, I suppose, makes a crappy "spare," but still...)?

And why on EARTH is Brya sent to live with Cleta? Maei is not quite crazy yet--she's getting there, but Delikar and the other kids don't move out 'til Brya's, like, eight. So why is he with Cleta for so long? Or in Sistakis, really, even when he's not with Cleta?

Delikar must find out that she's a Pheist, or something.

Then why just BRYA? Why not take ALL of the kids? Brya may be the stupid young impressionable one, but Tani's not quite a lost cause YET, and Levia is showing a disturbing tendency towards polygamy even at that age! WHY just Brya?

What the hell is special about Brya.


...Maybe it's something mundane, like he's always sick as a child, so they move him to Sistakis because it's a warmer climate. Sort of. Never mind that the sandangels are probably miserable and you'd think Elin would move them first.

Oh wait. Doesn't she think Brya's dead? Or something like that? And that's why she didn't--yeah, yeah, I still like that idea, that they mime Brya's "death". ...Only why WOULD they? And why would Ruka go along with it when it's clearly not good for Elin's health?

And Tani still manages to be totally ignored. What the hell did that girl DO when she was young, besides the Aivlen-raping? >_< She fought. And fought a lot. And probably made Mommy look sane.

Okay. We need to get Tani more involved and we need to have a reason for Brya leaving other than HE'S SO SPESHUL. However, we need to avoid the "hiz angste iz pastede on yay" syndrome. Perhaps Tani is kinda a nutcase from the getgo? Well, that would make sense. She's FAUN from the getgo, after all. Faun-Manus. Faunus. Man...aun...us...f. ANYWAY. The Faunthing.

Soooooo...if she's a nutcase...why do they move BRYA instead of HER?

I mean seriously now.

-_-;; Resolutions? Are very far off.

Essentially, I'm still worldbuilding. Yay, though. It's fun. Just frustrating. In a fun, beat-my-head-against-the-wall sort of way.


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