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Ack. I want a Tani icon but I gots no space for one. Darn you Joe and your LOTS of icons. ...Not that I really use this journal for anything but brainstorming ANYWAY...

...and yes I should be sleeping, and damn it this is all [ profile] limyaael's fault and also P'quet's, because he got me thinking about the insanity thing. DAMN YOU, CRAZY ENGLISH MAN. And damn W Juliet as well. Because for some reason genderbending things always get me thinking of the Shi family.

...Wow. It must be tired; I didn't even try to say something like that. :P

Anyway. Madness.

I think it's common.

I think, because Eletyr are so vulnerable to energy from the land and from EVERYTHING, it's probably really really normal for them to go crazy. Really strong mages, I'll bet--they're the worst. That's why they have to get tattooed so damn early and why they're sent to do speshul stuff, because they're USEFUL but they need to be kept away from normal people, just in case.


So madness--so mad people--they have to have something to do with them, right?

So they send them away. Like, to the mountains, or something. Perhaps they have a couple tribes of Lijiel that they just call up when they've got crazies to move. Transport-a-Nut Hotline. They leave; their names are stricken from records and they're no longer considered a part of society.

Delikar didn't want that to happen to Elin but recognized she was dangerous--or perhaps--no, perhaps he never really accepted that she was mad. Perhaps he just wanted to be away from her. Hell, he might just not have known what to do. But he didn't want her cast out. And he REALLY didn't want to take care of her sandangel brats, which would have fallen to him in the natural order of things...yet I don't think he'd kill them either, so it's easier just to let her keep them...hmmmmmm...

So Tani, Tani doesn't run away--she's cast out. She's made to leave. Then she finds Shytan, natch, and decides she's going to try and get Athellin, except she's repelled at the gates of civilization and ALMOST killed--and then Cleta interferes.

Because he knows she'll be a better guard for Athellin than, like, twenty of his normal people, all of whom have to work in shifts, are sane enough to be manipulatable, and don't have the devotion to Athellin that Tani does. Also, if for some reason Athellin manages to sweet-talk his "guards" (which I think he's done before, actually), it's a lot easier for Cleta to kill one person than twenty.

...Also why don't they throw Athellin out then?

I mean it's not like--well. I guess he's a symbol. I guess they REALIZE that he's more dangerous out there than he is in their hold. God. They should kill him; don't see why they don't. Except that the Lijiel will twist that against them if the Lijiel are still alive--well they are I suppose just not in the--argh, lack of sleep catching up to self...

Also. While Tani is stricken from Father's records, she isn't from Mother's. Inheritance lines and all that, I mean. Maei didn't know that her daughter was cast out (and quite frankly wouldn't have cared; she was loopy as all hell by then). So.

So Brya posing as Tani could inherit. It's a STUPID, stupid plan.

But who's going to tell him that?

And hell, he's desperate.

...I'm interested to see Aivlen's reaction. Somewhere between a "HOLYCRAP NO" and a "...waaaaaaaitaminute, you are DEFINITELY not the girl who raped me, which is I suppose a good thing but could also be bad because what the hell to DO with you now..."


He is NOT going to crossdress. He will NOT. He'll try. He just won't; he'll suck at it. He doesn't have the voice or the build, and he's too clumsy, and he's a terrible actor. ...I wonder if they'd let him think he was succeeding, though. :P That'd be kinda funny.

"Brya smiled to himself, pleased with the perfect deception.

He couldn't have known how hard Vey was laughing behind her carefully-schooled frown. Aivlen, thinking his sister had fallen for it, looked Brya up and down--no, still gawky and very male. Perhaps this was a joke. Or they'd both lost their minds."

*shrug* It would be amusing. For a little bit. He'd really suck at it, though. I can just imagine his falsetto. Ouch.



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